The Oxygen Tank

The collective musings and rants of one James Lung.

Opinions are my own, or so I'm told.


He’s only 21 years old but already James Ellaway a.k.a Lung has collaborated with High Contrast, remixed London Elektricity and won the support of everyone from Annie Mac to Mary Anne Hobbs. The Cardiff based producer started making beats in 2008 had his first, and only, solo release to date in 2009 on Kokeshi. The track – “Afterlife” – went on to receive remix treatment from none other than Kryptic Minds, attaining widespread success and featuring on four separate compilations, including “Ministry of Sound Present The Sound of Dubstep 2″, amongst others.

But it hasn’t always been this way. Lung’s first musical endeavours were not in Drum & Bass or dubstep at all; it all began when he started playing guitar in a hardcore band in 2006. From there, it was a while before he heard his first taste of electronic music; after hearing DJ Marky’s “No Time 2 Love” aged 17, he immediately became captivated by Drum + Bass; feeling the same energy as the music he already played, Noisia, Black Sun Empire and Calyx swiftly went to the top of James’ “most played” tracks on iTunes.

A year or so later, with a pair of Technic 1210s under his arm, James secured a residency at local Cardiff D+B night, Aperture. It was through this that he built up his DJ-ing skills, gained a committed local following and met industry figures who later became vital to his emergence as an artist.

Fast forward to 2011: with his track “Relapse” appearing on the “New Blood 011″ compilation album earlier this year, the next obvious step for Lung was to sign to Med School. The seeds have been sown for Lung’s future success. Watch him grow!